Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi
Григорий Петрович Грабовой
(Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi)
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
clairvoyant, healer, teacher
Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, based on His exceptional healing, clairvoyant, forecasting and controlling abilities, and His practical experiences in using them, created His Teaching, which helps to avoid natural and artificial catastrophes, to avoid a life planned to finite from childhood, which is accompanied by aging and ends with the departure of the body. For all people His Teaching provides the possibility of control of events, change of reality, and living eternal life in joy, love, and in young and healthy body.
Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi
Григорий Петрович Грабовой
(Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi)
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
clairvoyant, healer, teacher

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi

He was born on November 14, 1963, in the village of Bogara, Kazakhstan. He holds a doctorate in physics and mathematics, became a respected scientist, was elected a member of many academies around the world, and was awarded numerous awards for His work.

From childhood, He has clairvoyant ability, able to provide the solution to the tasks immediately with 100% accuracy, detects distant events, predicts future events, gives an error prediction of very complex systems (aircraft, space-orbiting devices) with 100% accuracy.

He can resurrect people, can cure people with AIDS and cancer without touch and on distance, He is able to materialzie and dematerialize various objects, can control a computer with His mental power, can change the past, the present and the future, can understand the conversation between people regardless of distance or language.

His goal is to save the World by helping people to avoid the possibility of total destruction caused by military and technical evolution, and to help ensure eternal, harmonious development for the whole World.

After saint and prophetic people recognized His abilities, and He performed miracles, forecasted catastrophes, created new science with His discoveries, invented devices to save mankind, and published His Teachings,

On June 5, 2004, Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi publicly announced that
He is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ,

and with His Teachings He have brought Universal Salvation, eternal life and the possibility of Universal Resurrection of people to mankind.

His miracles, scientific works and the testimonies of His abilities can be found in His detailed biography.

His Teaching may be unusual for people who know the Bible, because He does not teach fear of God's punishment and humility before God, but love, joy, knowledge and creation according to the true character traits of the Creator. The Teachings of Christ was once known to people, His direct disciples, the apostles, and those whom they taught still knew the knowledge, and based on it, just like the Creator and Christ, they were able to perform miracles.

Essence of His Teachings

His Teaching is worth getting acquainted with first from His 536-page book of "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!", written in 2001. The essence of His Teaching will be presented here with the help of quotes from this book.
“... a miracle doesn't conflict with the laws of Nature, a miracle conflicts with our idea of Nature's laws.”
The central element of His Teaching is the development of man's own consciousness.
“In this higher state of consciousness a person becomes capable of performing acts which in terms of ordinary wakeful consciousness seem impossible, unreal.”
The world perceived as an objective reality is in reality not objective, but depends on the collective consciousness of humans, animals, and everything that exists.
“... the collective consciousness holds certain stable beliefs regarding different things. And it is this collective belief regarding different things that people perceive as objective reality.”
There is a close connection between one's own consciousness, perception and the visible external reality.
“Our consciousness perceives as reality what exists in our consciousness.”
Reality can be changed by thought. By transforming the collective consciousness of mankind, the entire world can be transformed.
“... if we introduce into the collective consciousness the concept that annihilation is impossible, that everyone must be resurrected and that life must be eternal, then everything will be happening this way.”
Action can be taken by thought.
“By changing consciousness it is possible to transform the spirit and therefore to perform acts, that is, events.”
With the development of consciousness, by the expansion of perception, perceptual consciousness becomes creative consciousness.
“At the second level [expanded] consciousness does not limit itself to just a perception of an object, it becomes active, it itself becomes a creative element.”
Creative consciousness is obscured by mistaken thoughts.
“Creative consciousness is in principle inherent in man from the very start of his life. When the body grows, for some time it always creates, until it gets into the system of artificial ideological postulates, farfetched thought-forms, wrong mental sets, which block the development of body's ties, etc. All this artificially distorts the normal natural development and results in clouding man's creative consciousness. That is why the task of reclaiming the creative consciousness of living people is of prime importance.”
Jesus Christ asked people to develop themselves.
“Jesus Christ using different allegories calls again and again to abandon everything for the sake of attainment of the Kingdom of God, then the rest will come to him of itself.

So, the Kingdom of God, first of all is a higher state of consciousness. And the ascension to still higher and higher states of consciousness - is, virtually, a way to God.

And when Jesus says again and again “Wake up!”, he means the proper sense of the word, because compared to higher states of consciousness, an ordinary state of wakefulness represents a deep sleep, nearly the same as our ordinary sleep is, compared to the state of wakefulness.”

Thought exercises are available to raise the level of consciousness.
“Fast transitions into higher states of consciousness can be accomplished by means of different concentrations. In practicing concentrations, meditations can be a constituent part of the process.”
The book gives you 3-3 concentration exercises for each day of the month.
“On this day you concentrate on phenomena which can raise a question on creation of the whole. For example, a goose or a swan lost a feather. In this case you have to concentrate on thought what should be done in order to return it to the original place. How this could be achieved?
It means you try to understand how the single whole can be created or reconstituted.
Or, let's consider another example: a leaf fell from the tree.
What should be done to get it returned to its original place in order to have the tree which it in its initial appearance?
This is concentration on collection of separate elements of reality to single whole, which is their norm.”
Every cell, tissue, body part, as well as every element of reality and thus also a sequence of numbers has its own vibration, which can be determined with clairvoyance, and this knowledge can be used for restoration.
“A correctly selected sequence of numbers results in adjustment of organism to the norm because the numerical sequence related to a certain vibratory structure is the norm itself.”
Every element of the world is made up of good parts only.
“Grief, despondency and nostalgia are not the way to perceive the World. Only joy, light and love are the way to comprehend the World.”
The resurrection of the gone one actually requires an increase in his level of consciousness.
“... resurrection is a standard procedure, which expands the state of consciousness to the level when coming back to life is possible. And that's precisely why resurrection can be taught, just as any other standard procedure can.”
Resurrection is necessary to ensure the stability of the world.
“Resurrection is always good for everybody, because it reflects the fact that destruction is impossible.”
In resurrection, the eternal soul of the gone one builds up the new body, based on its own consciousness.
“Personality remains intact after biological death, including cremation cases. In this last case each particle of the ash, received after cremation, is connected to the structure of personality of that one who was cremated.”
God created man in His own image and likeness. Man is eternal. Man is creator.
“Man is an eternal substance by the principle of his creation that is why resurrection is based on revealing the eternal in man.”
The resurrection operation can also be used for healing and restoration.
“I mentioned above [together] the pulse of resurrection and the pulse of recovery. So, both of these pulses are completely identical.”
No one has to departure anymore.
“Many people at present die from the old age. However, the old age, in the final analysis is also a disease. And, therefore, the recovery from the disease, called “old age” is also resurrection. ... Eternal life is a continuous self-recreation.”

Experiences of one of His students

The best evidence is your own evidence. In addition to concentration exercises, it is also worth practicing every time the event control that can be associated with them.
The Practice of Control=The Way of Salvation
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