Grabovoi numbers

The Grabovoi numbers are created by Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi. With their help one can restore the elements of reality - events, human organs - to their norm, and thus correct any error with proper use.[1]


Theory of Grabovoi number sequences

According to his Teachings, the number sequences determined by his clairvoyance are used to retune the target area of the number sequence - for example, a human organ, mental state, or event - to a healthy state. The basis of their operation is that all elements of reality - events, matter, atoms - are made of light, according to the wavelength of light, light has a vibration, and the given element of reality has a resulting vibration. Just like the playing of musicians in an orchestra has a resulting sounding. According to his Teaching, the thought, and therefore the number thought, has a vibration, and the number sequence has a resulting vibration. Furthermore, a person can control with his consciousness and thought where the vibration created by his thought will work, by overlaying the created vibration with the element of reality in his consciousness.


For example, a number sequence can be applied by placing it in a sphere in the imagination, either digit by digit or simultaneously, and moving the sphere to the element of reality, such as the organ to be healed or the planet Earth.[2] The number sequence can also be placed in external reality, for example written on a piece of paper. By glancing at it from time to time, or carrying it in your pocket and touching it, the presence of the number sequence can be brought to the center of consciousness, thus its effect can be induced.

This is a work of the consciousness and spirit, and therefore the effectiveness of the use of the number sequence depends on the development of the consciousness and spirit, as well as the length of the work done and the number of times the work is repeated. Furthermore, to change a substance that has already manifested itself in reality requires more work than to change an event that exists only in the future.

According to his Teachings, both consciousness and spirit can be developed through the methods of concentration and control he gives.[3][4][5]

Number sequences appearing on the Internet

From 2019, a number sequence usage guide[2] and important number sequences have appeared on the Internet at As The Creator YouTube user:[6]

More numbers are available online on Grigori Grabovoi's social media pages,[9][10][11][12] such as the following:

Websites have appeared on the Internet that contain misleading number sequences, so only number sequences from Grigori Grabovoi's books and authentic sources[14] are recommended.

Grabovoi number sequences become popular

In the spring of 2021, a TikTok user uploaded a video[15] in which she talks about being given money twice on the street just like that, without being asked. She later remembered that a week earlier she had seen Grigori Grabovoi's numbers under the title „Cheat codes to the Universe” and used the number 520 721 8 to attract unexpected money[16] for a few days, but as nothing happened for days, she ignored it. After they did give her money, she wondered if maybe the number sequence worked after all. Her video was shared by over a million people.

Then another users tried the numbers and found that they did work. Some people have had their videos viewed by more than two million people.[17][18]

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