Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi's short biography

Grigori Grabovoi 2
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor, academician, inventor, clairvoyant, healer, teacher, artist, religious leader.[picture 1]
Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi (Григорий Петрович Грабовой) (Bogara, 14 November 1963) is a Russian of Kazakh origin scientist, inventor, clairvoyant, healer, teacher.[1][2] He became known around the world for his Grabovoi numbers,[3][4] which can restore the elements of reality - events, organs of man - to their norm, and thus correct any error with proper use.[5]

He is doctor of technical sciences, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, academician.[2] He also has a medical background.[6] Author of the discovery of creating field of information, author of the special course „The Technologies of Anticipatory Forecast and Safe Development”.[7][2][8] He is author of the "Teachings of Grigori Grabvoi" (Учения Григория Грабового), "About salvation and harmonious development" (О спасении и гармоничном развитии).[8][2]

He is clairvoyant, can remotely cure people of terminal AIDS and cancer, knows the exact solution to tasks without solving them, can see and control the events of the past, present and future, can read people's minds regardless of spoken language or distance, move objects at a distance, teleport, materialize and dematerialize matter, and can resurrect the gone ones.[9][10][11][12]

He made psychic diagnostics and forecasting of the occurrence of malfunctions, failures or deviations from the technical conditions in the main systems and elements of aircraft and other equipment, with 100% confirmation, saving people’s lives.[13][14][15][16][17] He sees that possible global catastrophe is a real threat to mankind, and he is working on developing teaching, training methods, makes scientific discoveries, and creates practical inventions to provide salvation for all people.[18][19][20][21][22][23]

Member of the Order of Malta, member of the Order of Saint Stanislaus, awarded the title of Earl of the Russian Nobility.

In 2004, he announced that he is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, and that this knowledge was given so that the Universal Salvation, the Universal Resurrection of man, could actually take place.[24]

He saved mankind from destruction at least five times.



Youth, education and work in Tashkent

Grigori Grabovoi was born on 14 November 1963 in the village of Bogara in the Kirov district of the Shymkent region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was aware of his special abilities from childhood, believing that seeing what could not be seen with physical vision was commonplace and natural. His studies showed that he could solve problems instantly.[25][26] In 1986, he graduated with a degree in mechanics at Tashkent State University.[25][7][2]

In the spring of 1986 he had a frightening premonition. He could clearly see the smoke, the fire, the people running around in a frenzy, on the eve of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. Despite his clear prediction, as a university student hitherto unknown to Russia, he was unable to prevent that accident.[1][27]

After that, he got a job at the Tashkent Machine Building Design Bureau (TashKBM), which deals with space research.[7][2]

In addition to his scientific research work, he also healed people. During his work, he completely restored the health of hundreds of people, including those whom medicine had already given up on - he cured people of terminal cancer and AIDS, remotely, without touching.[28][29][30][31][1][12][32]

From 1991 he has been contracted by the Uzbek aviation companies, for the clairvoyance detection of defects that endanger the technical condition and operational safety of aircraft. As a senior engineer, he was commissioned to develop heuristic methods to ensure the analysis, condition assessment and prediction of flight failures. Over 360 condition assessments and predictions made during his work have been 100% validated.[7][10][2]

In 1994, by the will of God, declared the creation of the State of Grigoria. The goal of the creation of the state of Grigoria is universal salvation and eternal creative harmonious development, according to G. P. Grabovoi’s Teaching.[33]

He met holy,[34][2] prophet[1][35] and healer[36][2] people who recognized his abilities, blessed his work, and with whom he talked about the danger of nuclear war threatening the planet, the possibility of man's eternal life in the physical body, the unification of religions, and the unification of the countries of the world.

Work in Moscow

In 1995, he moved to Moscow, where he continued his scientific and healing work and began to develop his Teaching. The commander of the Moscow District Air Force, gave Grabovoi the opportunity to use his clairvoyance to help assess the condition of their aircraft and thus prevent accidents, which resulted of eliminating crashes and thus saving lives in two years.[1]

In 1996, he graduated from the Moscow Regional School of Advanced Studies, Ramenskoye Medical Faculty. He was certified as a paramedic in the field of medicine.[7][33]

In 1997, prior to the docking of the space shuttle Atlantis with the Mir space station, he was asked to use his skills to help the operation succeed. He predicted that the docking would be successful, the computer, which had previously often shut down, would work throughout, but there would be a deviation from the axis just before the docking. His prediction was 100% correct.[37][38][1] A few days later, he was contacted again and asked to find out the reason for the deviation in the behaviour of the Atlantis shuttle's engines from the original design. Walking down the street, he told them via cell phone within seconds that the cause of the failure was that they had changed the lower engine settings, which was also fully confirmed.[39][2]

He registered his research results in the form of numerous intellectual property certificates and licenses, and according to him he is created a new science with his discoveries. This science is a fundamentally new area of knowledge that confirms the path of development in accordance with the laws of the creative development of the world. For the first time, he discovered and confirmed in practice the fundamental laws of the creative control of each object of information towards salvation and rescue from destruction. For the first time, the dependencies were mathematically formulated which proved in practice that the change of perception can be transformed into information in all the systems of reality.[7][2]

In 1998 he published „The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”, volumes 1,[10][40] 2[11][41] and 3,[12][32] which contain minutes of expert testimony about the 100% confirmation of his predictions about the practice of saving man-made structures, his clairvoyant and controlling ability, and his healing work. According to his books, he resurrected several people remotely. Some were in a state of biological death for 17 hours,[42][32][43] but some were resurrected months after their departure.[42][32][44]

Since 1998, the scientific world has recognized his outstanding research work by donating numerous academic titles, prizes and awards.[7][6][2] In 1999, he obtained the title of Doctor of Technical Sciences and the scientific title of professor in the field of „Safety of Particularly Complex Objects”.[7] [2] The essence of his thesis entitled „Research and Analysis of Fundamental Definitions of Optical Systems In Prevention of Catastrophes and Forecast Oriented Control of Microprocesses” was published in the „Microelectronics” edition of the scientific technical collection „Electronic Technology”.[45][46][47] He obtained the title of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and later the academic title of professor in the field of „Analytical and Structural Analysis Tools and Systems”.[7] [2] In the same year, he tested his invention called a crystal module for predicting and - if there are enough resources - extinguishing earthquakes in a scientific experiment. The seismologist participant of the experiment confirmed in an official letter that the prediction given by the device was confirmed in every case.[48][49][50][51][52]

In 2000, he appeared in TV programmes „The Health Formula” and „Harmony of Life”, in which he taught, among other things, how to control events with consciousness, cure diseases, methods of concentration, and gave lectures on several scientific fields (social science, education, politics, economics) and religion.[53] He published his book entitled "The Manifestations of Eternity", belonging to the art section of his Teaching, in which he published his drawings and paintings made with pen and ink, linoleum engraving, pastel, aquarelle and gouache methods. The images help man to find the places where eternity has been realized to the greatest extent, thus man can train himself for the state of eternal life.[54]

This year, at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, he held a course on „Irrational methods of prevention of global catastrophic processes posing a threat to the entire world”.[55][56] At the request of the authorities in the Security Council, he was given control over all of Russia's stationary and mobile nuclear systems, thereby preventing serious catastrophes, such as self-launching missiles.

In 2000, he patented his crystal module invention under the name „Method for prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization”,[57][58] in which it is stated that the device predicted in every case the emerging earthquakes 7 days before they started, and reduced their strength by a magnitude value in the range of 0.2 - 0.8. In 2001, he patented his thought-transmission, telepatophone invention under the name „Information-carrying system”.[57][59]

In 2001, Grigori Grabovoi, the sole founder and president of the non-commercial organization „Grigori Grabovoi Foundation”, passes a resolution recognizing and approving seminars and lectures given by Grigori Grabovoi to the general public, as well as individual author seminars, as religious preaching.[60][61]

Professor Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, registered the author's curriculum of „The Technologies of Anticipatory Forecast and Safe Development”, a subject with a total of 1186 hours, with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Department of Additional Professional Education of the Ministry of Education of Russia, and in the International Center of Educational Systems (ICES) of UNESCO.[62] The backbone of the subject is the book „Applied Structures of The Creating Field of Information”.[63][64]

In collaboration with famous scientists, he patented the invention of the MHD generator, which can be used to generate electricity.[65][66]

He published one of the basic works of his Teaching, the book „The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!”.[67]

In 2002, he predicted the coronavirus pandemic and suggested that the world's leading countries conclude agreements on the possible prevention of further proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.[68][69][70][71]

In 2002, the Russian Central Documentary Film Studio produced a film about Grigori Grabovoi's mission, in which he explains that people must understand that universal destruction is a real threat, for example because of the accumulation of nuclear weapons, and proposes that all human research should be directed towards the goal of not destroying humanity, and research should serve the real interests of human beings as much as possible, as harmoniously as possible. He confesses his worldview that „the eternal Creator made man eternal” and his prediction that if many people confess the same, „we will have a reality in which annihilation, including the annihilation of man, will be impossible.”[1]

On June 5, 2004, Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi publicly announced that he is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and that his Teachings have brought salvation, eternal life and resurrection to mankind.[24][72][73]

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi announces that He is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ
Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi announces that He is the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.[picture 2]

Good morning,

I, Grabovoi Grigori Petrovich, born on November 14th 1963, in the district of Kirov, village of Bogara, Shymkent Region, Republic of Kazakhstan,

declare that I, Grigori Grabovoi, am the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

I say this on the basis of the Word of God, and with the Word of God, and according to the Will of God.

I can add that I always had this Knowledge, since the beginning, from birth, and in connection with this I can declare with absolute certainty that this Knowledge has been spread for the Salvation of the World from the possible global catastrophe, and exclusively so that my Teaching will be spread all over the world, and it will reach any human being, so that it could really happen the Universal Salvation, the Universal Resurrection and so that this Good News shall be spread all over the world and to all human beings immediately.

— Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi
Moscow, Russia, June 5th 2004

After the announcement, according to him, the Vatican sent him evidence that his mother gave birth to him through the Immaculate Conception, but his mother did not want to reveal this to him ahead of time. Grigori Grabovoi said that with the coming of Jesus Christ, the learning of the methods of eternal development became possible for all people, and thus it became possible to avoid the danger of technocybernetization, the influence of the structure of thinking by computers. About the final judgment, he told that God cannot punish, He only gives the way, and the final judgment is actually when someone does not follow the development of humanity, does not integrate himself in the process that creates unity. He talked about the increase in the size of the Earth, one of the reasons for which is the appearance of a large number of resurrected ones, as well as the fact that many of the resurrected ones pretend to be immigrants, because this is the easiest way to get official documents.

In 2005, he registered the political party DRUGG,[74] and on March 17, 2006, he officially ran in the Russian elections for the position of President of Russia with the party's election plan:[75][76]

  1. All for the sake of man.
  2. Affirmation of the eternity of life. (Adoption of a prohibition law on death.)
  3. Creative generalized distribution.
  4. Unification by divine law.
  5. Granting the right to work.
  6. Social justice.
  7. Guarantees of absence of repressions.
  8. Universal dissemination of knowledge.
  9. Security of the whole world.
  10. Unification of the countries of the world.

On March 20, 2006, Grigori Grabovoi sent an open proposal to the leaders of the world countries for the free transfer of methods of counter-terrorism to all countries of the world.[77][78]

On that day, he was prosecuted for promises of resurrection. However, during the preliminary investigation and the court proceedings, it was proven that there were no promises on the basis of which the criminal proceedings were opened, and these are not even mentioned in the 2008 judgment.[61][79][31][80] The court established that Grigori Grabovoi has a higher education, academic titles and diplomas, as well as patented inventions, the legality of which was confirmed by a patent expert.[81] Furthermore, the court established that Grigori Grabovoi is able to diagnose aviation equipment and is able to make accurate predictions about the future, which have been confirmed in all cases, especially in the case of malfunctions and emergencies at the Balakovskaya nuclear power plant and the Nalchik terrorist act.[82] In 2016, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in a judgment that the criminal proceedings on the basis of which the 2008 judgment was delivered contained unlawful decisions.[83][84][85] In 2018, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation accepted the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights without objection, annulled the unlawful decisions and reopened the case. This has also created new circumstances in the sense that his rights of defence have been violated as a result of his unlawful detention, meaning that the evidence of the prosecution is inadmissible and therefore the conviction is unlawful.

Thus, G. P. Grabovoi has no criminal record and has the right to rehabilitation.[86][87][88][61]

In 2007-2008, in the United States of America, with his helpers they registered the "Church of Grigori Grabovoi The Second Advent of Jesus Christ" in Illinois,[89] New York[90] and Massachusetts.[91][92][93] The websites of the churches of the states contain evidences in facts, events, that G. P. Grabovoi is the Second Advent of the Lord God Jesus Christ.[89][90][91] He published the pillars of his religion,[94] and had the blueprints and visual design of the Temple of Grigori Grabovoi The Second Advent of Jesus Christ drawn up. The temple combines science, culture and religion. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi chose the symbol of eternity and infinity as the symbol of his religion.

Work in Belgrade

In 2010, he moved to Belgrade and retired from political and public life.

In 2015, he invented and created the PRK-1U device, based on his patents „Method for prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization” and „Information-carrying system”, to which a person can connect wirelessly with his consciousness and transfer information to it via biosignal and which reinforces this information. In this way, the invention strengthens, through a specific training, the effect of consciousness of man, which is thus able to reach a level where man is able to trigger, independently and without instruments, mental processes by which, for example, man can ensure the regeneration of his cells and the restoration of the whole body of man.[95][96]

In 2016, he established his education center,[97] and started his university training[98] which is also available via remote learning.[99] In this year, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Grigori Grabovoi had been unlawfully detained for a long period of time during the criminal proceedings against him, and ordered the Russian state to pay monetary compensation.[83][84][85]

In 2017, he stated that the transformation of reality is underway. The world is on the verge of a quantum leap, which means the rise of the universal energy state of matter. The concept of quantum (energy quantum) refers to the smallest fraction of energy from which all atoms are built, i.e. all elements of reality are built. When this quantum, which is present in everything, raises its energy level, a new manifestation of reality, a new level of perception appears, with new possibilities - even with an infinite amount of energy - but a person must be able to regulate and control this. Precision, care is needed. Therefore, everyone must raise his own energy level in time, and for this, people need more knowledge, precisely the knowledge found in his Teaching, with which eternal life, eternal development, can be achieved. The quantum leap concerns everyone, because of the prospects, the duties, the interconnections, the structure of the world.[26]

For all these reasons, I believe that as many of my fellow human beings as possible should participate in this process consciously, benevolently, of their own free will. Then it can really become a joyful community method, which is objectively different from other solutions, thanks to its special qualities: joy, benevolence, helping actions.
— Grigori Grabovoi[26]

To help with this, he developed and produced the PRK-1U device for developing concentration on eternal life, which can also be used in preparation.[26]

In 2019, his important number sequences have appeared on the Internet at a YouTube user,[100] such as „Healing and protecting the Earth and all living beings through the process of salvation and harmonious development”, protection from the coronavirus for all people, „Awaken your Third Eye, Decalcify your Pineal Gland & Expand your Consciousness”, „Rejuvenation & anti-aging - Restore your Youth - Skin Regeneration”.

In January 2020, the coronavirus appeared in China. In June 2020, he offered as free aid the leaders of the countries of the world to protect against the coronavirus his PRK-1U invention, - which is based on his two patents and was developed for this purpose, among others -, his knowledge of the nature and operation of the virus, as well as his patent-pending, world's first developed vaccine called Antikoronavirus2019-nCoV_1. According to the announcement, the PRK-1U device is able to protect against virus mutations, even if the virus is rapidly changing, thereby protecting humanity's gene pool.[101]

In 2021, a TikTok user uploaded a video[102] in which she talks about how she tried Grigori Grabovoi's number sequence to attract unexpected money,[103] after which she was given money twice on the street a few days later, so she thought that maybe these were caused by using the number sequence. Her video was shared by more than a million people, making Grabovoi number sequences very popular.[3][4]

On February 24, 2022, two days after the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted with heavy weapons, in order to prevent a possible nuclear strike, he published his statement that conscious control should be carried out so that the leaders of the countries of the world unite the countries of the world, thereby ending the armaments reason, as well as sign an agreement on the peaceful resolution of conflicts at all times to ensure the eternal creative and happy development of all people.[104]

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