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Grigori Grabovoi's person

Who is Grigori Grabovoi?

Grigori Grabovoi was born on November 14, 1963 in the village of Bogara, Kazakhstan. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, academician, holder of numerous intellectual property and patent licenses, discoverer of inventions. He has clairvoyance and predictive ability, and is able not only to see, but also to change events, thereby healing people and averting catastrophes. He can teach his abilities to all people, and that is why he created his Teaching.

Why is Grigori Grabovoi important?

He has clairvoyance since childhood and uses this ability to save mankind. He sees the occurrence of a global catastrophe as a real threat to mankind, so the predictions of these threats speak to all people, without exception.

Predictions of a catastrophe made public never necessarily have to happen, Grigori Grabovoi always gives suggestions on how to avoid it.

During his unpublished predictions, he uses his controlling clairvoyance to prevent catastrophes before they could happen, so most of humanity does not even know about them.

When he makes a prediction public, he does so because it must be prevented by mankind.

What made Grigori Grabovoi popular?

As part of his Teaching, he created and published numerical sequences that could be used to cure diseases and control events. The number sequence 520 741 889 8 for attracting unexpected money is popular among young people, and number sequences for curing various diseases are popular among the elderly.

Miracles of Grigori Grabovoi

Did he really resurrect people?

According to recorded evidences published in his own book, he initiated the resurrection of at least one person in 1995 and resurrected another person in 1998.

According to him, the first case was officially studied, publications were published about it, and the resurrected man is alive and well.

Why doesn't a resurrection get more publicity?

The resurrection of a person, just like the recovery from a serious illness, is a private matter of the person, as well as the social acceptance of the actual resurrection is not yet developed enough, so for the time being it is best for everyone if the event is not widely publicized.

Is the resurrection a real phenomenon?

Yes. There are already well-publicized resurrection cases, where the resurrected person and his family bravely accept the attention and burden of public appearances.

Did he really cure people from terminal cancer and AIDS?

Yes. In addition to written and X-ray evidences, several people also testified about their recovery on video recordings.

Did he really predict the coronavirus?

Yes. In 2002, 17 years before it happened in 2019, he predicted the coronavirus and made a proposal to prevent it.

Did he really predict the circumstances of the docking of the Mir space station and the space shuttle Atlantis orbiting in space?

Yes. The deputy flight director of the Mir space station testified to this in a video recording.

Did he really determine the cause of the space shuttle Atlantis' engine failure?

Yes. The deputy flight director of the Mir space station also testified to this in a video recording.

Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi

What are Grabovoi numbers, Grabovoi codes?

With their help, it is possible to make an impact on reality, for example, to restore health or event. The basis of their operation is that each thing has its own healthy state in which it can best perform its task. This healthy state is characterized by different perceptions of the shape, color, smell, taste, touch, sound, mood that suits it. For example, the color, smell and taste of the liver organ differ from the color, smell and taste of the muscle. When we set a characteristic of a thing, such as its healthy color, with consciousness, it bounces back to the best state for it. And in doing so, it recovers, heals.

The corresponding sequence of numbers is also a feature of the thing, observed only by a different perception. As soon as the thing gets the sequence of numbers which represents the knowledge of health for it, then it also returns to its best condition and recovers. Grigori Grabovoi observed and recorded the Grabovoi numbers not by machine, but by his own clairvoyance to help people.

The number sequences should not be used in one piece, but per digit. For example, the number sequence 321 should not be used as three hundred and twenty-one, but as three, two, one. This is because Grigori Grabovoi chose the alphabet of ten single-digit numbers as a medium, probably because these numbers, symbols are known to all the people of the Earth. It is also much easier to use single-digit numbers than, for example, to recall the right color or smell.

The difference in quality between single-digit numbers can be felt by everyone. It is easiest to perceive the difference between 1 and 2, but there is a difference in quality and effect between each digit.

The sequences can also be understood as melodies, where the digits are represented by notes. In this case, it becomes easy to comprehend, you can hear, for example, the difference between 123 and 132, eventough they are made up of the same digits, notes.

What is the Grabovoi number for attracting unexpected money?

520 741 889 8

What is the meaning of 520 741 889 8 Grabovoi number?

This is the Grabovoi number for attracting unexpected money. It helps you tune into the vibration of money.

The numbers in the control:

The best, most favorable time to perform concentration is between 10 and 11 pm local time. The concentration can also be done at other times by mentally projecting oneself into this time range.

What is the essence of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi?

His Teaching is multifaceted, covers all areas of individual and social life, and aims at universal salvation and salvation of everybody personally, and provision of eternal, creative, harmonious development.

With its mastery, a person becomes able to heal and rejuvenate his body, predict and prevent possible catastrophes in time, and control the events of reality.

For this spiritual work, man has been given all the possibilities since infancy, he does not need external tools. First of all, one must use one's own consciousness, learn to switch it from perceptive mode to creative mode, and develop it through exercises to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Grigori Grabovoi's religion

Is Grigori Grabovoi really the second advent of Jesus Christ?

Surely only someone who met Jesus Christ could say this, but such a 2,000-year-old person is not known on Earth today. Therefore, just as Jesus should have been recognized at that time, the Savior can now be recognized by his actions.

Grigori Grabovoi works miracles in healing people whom medical science can no longer help: he completely cures people from terminal cancer and AIDS diseases remotely, without touching, using only his own abilities.

He is able to reveal current and future defects in man-made structures from a distance, based only on one feature of the machine or mine shaft, verified afterwards with 100% accuracy.

According to testimonies, he can resurrect people. After his first resurrection case in 1995, resurrections began around the world, some of which were highly publicized.

Holy and prophetic people, who can see and perceive more than ordinary people, recognized his abilities.

He teaches people how to heal and rejuvenate themselves, thereby enabling them to realize eternal life.

After the world became aware of his work as a scientist, clairvoyant, healer, and teacher - all aimed at saving mankind - at the age of 40, he openly announced that he is the second advent of Jesus Christ, taking on the burden of proof.

What does Grigori Grabovoi believe in?

The main postulatums of Grigori Grabovoi's religion

The first postulatum

The eternal Creator creates the eternal. The Creator's creatures are also eternal. The actions of the Creator and the actions of those created by him are eternal. Therefore, the postulatums of this religion, my religion, determine the path of development, in which every action, every element of creation, everything in the world is identified with eternity and can be eternal. Because the primary purpose of the Creator is to create the eternal. And then He will be fulfilled in His eternity.

In my religion, the elements of development are knowledge in faith. In other words, faith and knowledge are identified, and faith means action. Since the action in all elements of the world is the Creator, it turns out that faith in the Creator, faith in God, and living according to God's laws come from the fact that the Creator created eternal life and that He is everywhere present. Consequently, in every movement, in every action, in every element of the world, in every event, there is the Creator and there are His laws. And His laws are true, because everything is the laws of the Creator. The Creator's requirements for those He created are improvement and development according to the laws of creation, that is, the laws of eternity.

The consequence of this religion is that it covers all elements of the world, practically the entire hierarchy, all entities, all future, present, past time, all space.

— Grigori Grabovoi


Future catastrophe predictions by Grigori Grabovoi

Is a nuclear disaster really possible?

Yes. Armed fighting is going on around a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The nuclear power plant was hit.

Is nuclear war really possible?


How can any human help prevent a planetary disaster?

In response to incoming questions about what event control should be done regarding the escalating military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I report that at the same time a more general control should be conducted on the previously published goal: "Unification of the countries of the world for neutralization of any weapons and removal of the reasons to use weapons. Unification of all countries of the world for the eternal creative and happy development of every person."

It is also necessary to control the goal of all countries of the world to sign a treaty for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and to organize the signing of such a treaty. At the same time, measures must be taken to prevent a possible global catastrophe. Above all, to prevent a nuclear strike. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi "About Salvation and Harmonious Development" should be taught more actively.

— Grigori Grabovoi, February 24, 2022


Did he really predict an asteroid hitting Earth in 2030?

Yes. He wrote about this in his book Hayrukulus, published in 2000.

How can one prevent being hit by an asteroid?

Mankind can prevent the catastrophe by raising its level of consciousness and controlling the events.

Did he really predict a change of era, which involves a change in the level of perception of reality?

Yes. In an interview in 2017, he said that the transformation of reality is underway. The world is facing a change of era, a quantum leap.

What is quantum leap?

The quantum leap means the rise of the universal energy state of matter. The concept of quantum (dose of energy) means the smallest part of energy from which every atom is built, i.e. every element of reality is built up. When this little thing, which is present in everything, raises its energy level, a new manifestation of reality, a new level of perception appears, with new possibilities - even with an infinite amount of energy.

What is the danger of quantum leap?

Man must be able to regulate and control the rise of the universal energy state of matter. Accuracy and care are required.

How to prepare for the quantum leap?

Everyone needs to raise their own energy level in time, and for this people need more knowledge, precisely the kind of knowledge that is found in his Teaching, with which eternal life and eternal development can be achieved.

Persecution of Grigori Grabovoi

When did his persecution begin?

After announcing that He is the second advent of Jesus Christ.

When did his persecution become serious?

After announcing that he is running for the presidency of Russia, he will provide all people with the conditions to achieve eternal life.

What is the connection between the activities of the DRUGG political party and his criminal proceedings?

He ran for the presidency of Russia as the author of the plan of the DRUGG political party and as the president of the party.

Does he still take on a political role?

No. He withdrew from political and public life and is only concerned with the development and dissemination of his Teachings in order to save mankind.

Has Grigori Grabovoi ever been to Beslan?


Did he promise the mothers of Beslan for money to resurrect their children?


Is it possible to promise someone's resurrection with certainty?

No. Each person can decide, according to their free will, whether they will be resurrected and, if so, whether they will return to their former family or perhaps choose different circumstances for their lives.

Was he a respected person before the persecution?

Yes. He was respected as a clairvoyant, healer, and scientist, and was a popular guest on television programs.

Has it been proven before the court whether Grigori Grabovoi visited Beslan?

Yes. Already in the preliminary stage of the court proceedings, it was proven that he had not been in Beslan.

Has it been proven in court that his doctorate and academic titles are authentic?

Yes. The court found that Grigori Grabovoi has a higher education, academic titles and diplomas, as well as patented inventions, the legality of which was confirmed by a patent expert.

Was the court process in which his case was heard legal?

No. But this was proven in court only years later. The Resolution of the European Court of Human Rights established the violation of the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms with respect to Grigori Grabovoi in the course of the criminal case by the sentence of July 7, 2008.

Does Grigori Grabovoi have no criminal record?

Yes. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation accepted without objection the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, canceled the decisions of illegal, unjustified and unfair detention and reopened the case.

Thus, Grigori Grabovoi has no criminal record and has the right to rehabilitation.

Why are the attacks on him not included in his true biography?

The true biography of Grigori Grabovoi is about the presentation of his own work, and his true biography, like any true works made by him or about him, in which the reader can feel the power of miracles, the creative, eternal healthy life, has a healing effect.
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