Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi combines science, religion and art, a methodology for controlling events, restoring health and ensuring eternal life, based on respect for the free will, and it is addressed to all people.


Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi "On Salvation and Harmonious Development"

1. The objective of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi "On Salvation and Harmonious Development" is universal salvation and salvation of everybody personally, provision of eternal creative harmonious development.

2. The most important objective of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is to prevent the possible global catastrophe.

3. The practical implementation of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is based on the fact that first of all, by means of his consciousness, the student carries out an action of saving everybody and preventing the possible global catastrophe and through this action he reaches the solution of his own goals. At the same time the light of the consciousness extends to the light representation of any event of the world and creative control of any event is carried out.[1][2]

There are expert conclusions which prove the effectiveness of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi according to the purposes of the Teaching.[3]

Sections of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi

1. Health care

2. Forecasting control

3. Education

4. Science

4.1. G. P. Grabovoi’s science

4.2. All the orthodox and known sciences as exposed by G. P. Grabovoi

5. Art and culture

5.1. Art

5.2. Culture

6. Governance

6.1. Politics

6.2. Economics

6.3. Sociology

7. Religion[2]

Training Information

According to Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi "On Salvation and Harmonious Development", G. P. Grabovoi teaches, by the light of his consciousness to realize macrosalvation and prevention of the possible global catastrophe and to control events through this action.

The participants of the training seminars and lectures receive a certificate. According to the results of the work, the student may receive the certificate with the right to disseminate the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi.

Volunteers for the dissemination of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi "On Salvation and Harmonious Development" and accredited consultants, instructors, sublicensees teach the technologies of implementation and distribution of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi to provide eternal life to everybody under the Program of Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.[1][4]


Man is eternal and creator

According to his Teachings, the Creator created the world. The Creator found a way to create out of seemingly nothing - out of love energy - a living light that is eternally renewed, eternally alive, eternally existing. The Creator has made everything eternal and is continually creating. He has found a way to create atoms from light, and from atoms, molecules, proteins, cells, tissues, organs and bodies. He created everything unique, with a separate personality, so that not only a blade of grass or a human being, but every light and every atom has its own personality, so that like every human being, every atom, though there are similarities between them, is different.[5][6][7]

The Creator has given free will to all that He has created. Free will means free movement and free development, and this ensures that the World is diverse, varied and joyful. The Creator created the World to be eternal and infinite, so that there would always be the possibility of discovering, learning and experiencing joy.[7]

God is the foundation of all creation in the world, from Him all things are created. He has shown us the process of His creation of everything. He builds everything out of joy, light and love.[7][8]

The Creator created Man in His image and likeness. He has given to each man his own personality, free will, and free development. Man is thus eternal, free, creator, and alive, just as the Creator is. Man is capable of living forever and creating eternally existent anything from his own joy, light, and love.[7]

Man is composed of several structures. These are the soul, spirit, consciousness, and physical body. Each structure exists and moves in its own space. The soul is always in the space of God, the spirit works in the space of the spirit, the consciousness develops in the space of the consciousness, and the body moves in the visible world. The soul of man is perfect, unshakable and possesses all knowledge. Man is able to do work, mental work, with his spirit, such as forming a thought-image or moving his body. The consciousness perceives the World and accumulates knowledge. Consciousness asks for and receives knowledge from its own all-knowing soul at God, as much knowledge-light as it can receive, and this is carried from soul to consciousness by his spirit. Man builds his physical body on the basis of his consciousness, his consciousness determines the appearance and possibilities of his physical body.[9]

A person can also experience, at will, a state other than that of an inherently young body, health and eternal life, such as illness, old age or when one can no longer move one's body. Since man is designed to have an inherently young body, in order to grow old, he must prepare for old age for a long time, aware that he will grow old. Maintaining a young body also involves work, but considerably less work than making the body old. When a person passes away, his soul, spirit, consciousness perceives the condition, he lives on, but without a physical body. From this state, he can easily return to material existence by agreeing with the future parents on soul level, and then, after conception through love, he begins to rebuild his physical body with the help of the knowledge inherited from the parents, the love received from the parents, and the material nourishment received from the mother. However, with the knowledge of resurrection, man can also recreate his own physical body on his own. To do this, he must bring to his consciousness this knowledge inherent in his soul or learn it from living people, he must wake up to his own eternal and creator nature, and build his physical body from the light of love. Living people can greatly help in this work with their love and creative consciousness.[8][10]

The individual consciousness-light-vibration of man creates the events he wishes to experience, and the collective (average) consciousness-light-vibration of humanity creates the reality that is visible to all. Similar to an orchestra, where everyone plays something, but mostly everyone hears the average sound. But if someone is able to play much louder than the others, then the others will hear his music more, and if they like it, they can adapt to it.[11]

Man creates with his thoughts and feelings - being a creator - even if he is not aware of it, if he only uses his consciousness for perception. In this way, he can also create events that he does not consciously want, such as war. As soon as a person raises his level of consciousness from the level of perception to the level of creator, and consciously begins to use his abilities, concentrating the light of his consciousness and feelings, he can create any event for himself, for example, material abundance or love. As soon as many people begin to set the goal of joyful eternal life for everything and everyone, and begin to consciously use their creative power - for example, simply concentrating their light of love on the number sequence that embodies the vibration of salvation and eternal life -[12] then that reality will manifest itself.[11]

According to his Teachings, man's task is to create harmony in the world.[13][7]

The principle of Divinity: Aspiration for imperishability of body, for eternal life, and for development of true consciousness is the practice of the uppermost flourishing of human existence.
— Grigori Grabovoi[8]


The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi „About salvation and harmonious development" contains hundreds of author seminars about God's Soul, Spirit, Consciousness, Physical Body, and man's soul, spirit, consciousness, physical body, and rejuvenation, eternity, infinity, space, time, Cosmos, Earth, macrosystems, microsystems and other topics, which he will eventually publish in books.[14][15][10]

The list of his author seminars can be found at https://Grabovoi.wiki/.


Grabovoi number sequences

See also: Grabovoi numbers

According to his Teachings, the controlling number sequences determined by his clairvoyance are used to retune the target area of the number sequence - for example, an organ of man, mental state, or event - to a healthy state. The basis of their operation is that all elements of reality - events, matter, atoms - are made of light, according to the wavelength of light, light has a vibration, and the given element of reality has a resulting vibration. Just like the playing of musicians in an orchestra has a resulting sounding. According to his Teaching, the thought, and therefore the number thought, has a vibration, and the number sequence has a resulting vibration. Furthermore, a person can control with his consciousness and thought where the vibration created by his thought will work, by overlaying the created vibration with the element of reality in his consciousness.

For example, a number sequence can be applied by placing it in a silver-white, bright sphere in the imagination, either digit by digit or simultaneously, and moving the sphere to the element of reality, such as the organ to be healed or the planet Earth.[12] The number sequence can also be placed in external reality, for example written on a piece of paper. By glancing at it from time to time, or carrying it in your pocket and touching it, the presence of the number sequence can be brought to the center of consciousness, thus its effect can be induced. This is a work of the consciousness and spirit, and therefore the effectiveness of the use of the number sequence depends on the development of the consciousness and spirit, as well as the length of the work done and the number of times the work is repeated. Furthermore, to change a substance that has already manifested itself in reality requires more work than to change an event that exists only in the future. According to his Teachings, both consciousness and spirit can be developed through the methods of concentration and control he gives.[7][16][17]

Websites have appeared on the Internet that contain misleading number sequences, so only number sequences from Grigori Grabovoi's books and authentic sources[18] are recommended.

Grigori Grabovoi's science

See also: Grigori Grabovoi's scientific works

Description of his science

The science he proposes has a very different purpose and nature from current science. According to him, in order to avoid the real danger of the total annihilation of mankind and the whole world, science must determine the means of saving the world from global catastrophe.

He bases his science on the principle that a definite result can be achieved through successive acts of creation, with complete control over each step. His science, which is also a science of salvation, aims to ultimately achieve salvation while at the same time changing the existing reality accordingly.

His science, which he calls a true science, in the knowledge of the situation, first changes the reality so as to achieve the result of salvation, then builds safety, and finally the further development of all events in the right direction for the individual is determined. The same pattern is followed for all other useful results.

In true science, it is not a question of simply stating some facts. If some existing system or provision does not contribute to the desired result, it means that these systems must be changed, including the system of laws.[19][20][21]

Intellectual property certificates, licences

Certificates and licences of the International Registration Chamber of Informational-Intellectual Novelty issued to Grigori Grabovoi:

Doctoral theses



Health care

See also: Grigori Grabovoi's scientific works

See also: Grigori Grabovoi's works

According to his Teaching, a person can protect his own health or, if necessary, restore it by developing his consciousness and using it properly.[16] To help with this work, one can use his controlling number sequences placed in the internal or external reality,[→] as well as his inventions. The crystal module device can help the appropriate specialist restore the radiation of a damaged cell to the radiation of a healthy cell,[→] and the PRK-1U device strengthens the concentration of consciousness on eternal life, thus helping to restore the body to its original, young, healthy and eternal state, it rejuvenates and heals.[→]

The controlling number sequences given for the healing of pets and farm animals also serve the health, joy and restoration of the world.[→]

The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi does not replace medical treatment. The Teaching does not in any way limit a person to contact medical institutions for treatment.[34]

Art and culture

See also: Grigori Grabovoi's art

His artistic works

His drawings and paintings, made with pen and ink, linoleum engraving, pastel, aquarelle and gouache methods, highlighting the characteristics of eternity, help people to find the places where eternity has been realized to the greatest extent by looking at them and understanding the inner logic of the images. In this way, man can train himself for the state of eternal life.[35]

Grigori Grabovoi's poem to Man

You are the world. You are eternity.
Your powers are infinite.
Your possibilities are unlimited.
You are the Creator made flesh.
You guard His will,
You shape the world to His will.
In you is His love.
Love all living beings as He does,
Who created you.
Harden not your heart.
Think good thoughts
And do good.
Good brings long life.
Love gives eternal life.
Faith and love - wisdom.
With faith and love
Your sleeping powers will awaken,
With them you can reach your dreams.
Eternal life: the face of life.
Just as life is -
The mark of eternity.
Create! to live in eternity.
Live! to create eternity.
— Grigori Grabovoi[36]

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